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An immersive, high-fantasy cooperative board game for 1-4 players

Strategic, turn-based gameplay inspired by classic strategy-RPG video games

Dozens of scenarios with branching story paths, class leveling, and unique card-playing mechanics

A New Experience…

Rove is an immersive, high-fantasy cooperative board game for 1-4 players. Set in the wild and vibrant world of Chorus, players will adventure through a campaign in which they unlock new skills, classes, and equipment as they fight for survival.

A Vibrant World…

Chorus is a magical world where the cycle of nature spawns terrible beasts that threaten to upend the balance. Players will take on the part of Rovers–paragons of a society that has had no real opportunity to flourish while constantly assailed by the beasts of the wild. Cooperation and strategy are vital to navigating the various threats and surprises awaiting players in Rove. Every decision will impact your journey.

But Your Story

The strategic, turn-based gameplay is inspired by classic strategy-RPG video games from the '90s. It will feature 50+ scenarios, branching story paths, class leveling, and a unique card system. The game will be played with hero miniatures, monster standees, a map book, and scenario guide. And the story will be narrated by Forteller!

Chorus is a vibrant world home to diverse biomes and even more unique inhabitants. While it might appear unsettled, this green and verdant planet hosts many developed species who dwell not in the wilds, but at their edges.

True Scale

Traditional Keb Rasska martial pairs excel as the vanguard of any expedition. Shift between the defensive abilities of the Keb and offensive abilities of the Rasska.

Shadow Piercer

Adept Tihfur have learned to control their Morphic power to wield in combat alongside their archery. Bide your time and attack enemies from range until you can close in with powerful melee beast attacks.


Energetic Starlings wrestle with the wild energies of Fire and Air and seek to satisfy their appetite for more. Utilize elements to attack enemies in both indiscriminate and precise methods, or offer support to your party.


Unrefined Zusag look to create their own tales of legendary feats. Control the battlefield through the use of conjurations and combine your efforts with those of your allies.

Dune Dancer

Gifted humans move on from helping to build up clans in the deserts. Deploy animal companions and support them, and your fellow Rovers, with a menagerie of talents.

From the imaginative mind of Alexandr Elichev

The Ukranian artist–creator for titles like Gloomhaven, Star Wars Destiny, Lord of the Rings, WH40K Conquest, and Call of Cthulhu–brings to life the vibrant world and peoples of Chorus.

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